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Battlefield 5 post-launch road map targets March for Firestorm Battle Royale

Those looking forward to Battlefield's take on the battle royale genre will have to wait a little while.


In addition to its launch plans, EA and DICE have a full post-launch road map outlined for the upcoming Battlefield V. On Wednesday, DICE outlined everything that's set to come via the Tides of War live service, which will offer new content to the latest Battlefield all the way through March. This includes new features, maps, and stories for both single-player and multiplayer.

The most noteworthy news item here is that Battlefield's take on Battle Royale has a release window. Firestorm is set to released in the third batch of post-launch content, Chapter 3: Trial By Fire. The initial Firestorm map will see soldiers attempt to survive, as DICE and Criterion adds the normal Battlefield elements to help its mode stand out.

For those more into the normal Battlefield multiplayer, Firestorm will release alongside a new mutliplayer map that takes place in Greece. DICE describes this map as an island setting, in which teams will need to manage their land vehicles carefully and look to establish dominance in the air.

The first major update is set to hit in early December with Chapter 1: Overture. This introduces the Panzerstorm map to multiplayer, where players will get into all-out tank warfare in Belgium. The single-player mode will receive War Stories: The Last Tiger, focused on a Tiger Tank crew at the edge of despair. The game as a whole will receive a new Practice Range, along with new Vehicle Customization features.

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes is set to arrive in early 2019. This will add a new co-op campaign called Combined Arms, in which up to four players can embark in Combat Strike missions across Battlefield V's various maps and look to survive against AI opposition. Multiplayer will add a limited-time Rush mode, which takes the original mode and adds bombs. It'll also bring back Squad Contest, the 8v8 mode in which teams fight for domination.

This is just the beginning for Battlefield V, as DICE anticipates further content updates beyond Firestorm. And as noted during this year's EA Play presentation, all post-launch content will be free. Look for more details as they come in. Battlefield V is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 9. For more on whta's coming, be sure to visit the Battlefield website.

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