Pokemon Go Generation 4 - New Wave 1 creatures and evolutions

Check out all the new Pokemon to arrive in Pokemon Go in the first wave of Generation 4 additions.


Pokemon Go is a game that is always changing and adapting to suit player interests — one could go so far as saying the game is constantly evolving. Naturally, this means mobile gamers often get to look forward to the addition of new creatures, and on that front, this season does not disappoint. The first wave of Generation 4 Pokemon began rolling out earlier this month, and we've got the skinny on all the new pocket monsters players can catch right now, plus details about their individual Types and evolution requirements.

Generation 4 Pokemon Go - Wave 1 Pokemon

The most up-to-date list of the first wave of Generation 4 creatures in Pokemon Go was uploaded to the Silph Road subreddit by reddit user Wondersnite, who provided a handy chart to the Gen 4 creatures that can currently be found in-game. Check it out below:

Do note that this image only lists the new creatures released in the first wave of Generation 4 Pokemon. A complete list of all the Generation 4 Pokemon can be found at this post over on the Silph Road subreddit, uploaded by user MordredSinReino.

Generation 4 Pokemon Go - Wave 1 evolutions

Pokemon Go players looking to scoop up the new pocket monsters will have a little work ahead of themselves. Not only are some of the creatures regional, many of them rely on being evolved from previous forms using Candy. Here's a list of all the Generation 4 Pokemon released in the first wave, their Types, and how to evolve them, if applicable.

Number: Name: Type: Evolution:
387 Turtwig Grass (no prior evolution form)
388 Grotle Grass Evolves from Turtwig through Candy
389 Torterra Grass Evolves from Grotle through Candy
390 Chimchar Fire (no prior evolution form)
391 Monferno Fire / Fighting Evolves from Chimchar through Candy
392 Infernape Fire / Fighting Evolves from Monferno through Candy
393 Piplup Water (no prior evolution form)
394 Prinplup Water / Steel Evolves from Piplup through Candy
395 Empoleon Water / Steel Evolves from Prinlup through Candy
396 Starly Normal / Flying (no prior evolution form)
397 Staravia Normal / Flying Evolves from Starly through Candy
398 Staraptor Normal / Flying Evolves from Staravia through Candy
399 Bidoof Normal (no prior evolution form)
400 Bibarel Normal / Water Evolves from Bidoof through Candy
401 Kricketot Bug (no prior evolution form)
402 Kricketune Bug Evolves from Kricketot through Candy
403 Shinx Electric (no prior evolution form)
404 Luxio Electric Evolves from Shinx through Candy
405 Luxray Electric Elvolves from Luxio through Cnady
417 Pachirisu Electric (no prior evolution form)
427 Buneary Normal (no prior evolution form)
428 Lopunny Normal Evolves from Buneary through high friendship
441 Chatot Normal / Flying (no prior evolution form)
447 Riolu Fighting (no prior evolution form)
448 Lucario Fighting / Steel Evolves from Riolu through high friendship
455 Carnivine Grass (no prior evolution form)

Again, these creatures are only the first wave of Generation 4 Pokemon coming to Pokemon Go. The second wave is slated to arrive sometime in November, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Shacknews will be ready to report on all the latest additions.

It's not hard to stay on top of all the newest developments in Niantic's AR-based mobile game: simply head over to Shacknews' Pokemon Go home page.

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