Where in Fortnite is a Geoguessr-inspired game where you guess the location on the map

Think you know your Fortnite locations? Prove it!


If you play a lot of Fortnite, you probably think you know just about all the locations, right? Could you pinpoint your location on the map just by looking at a screenshot? A new game created by Redditor TheEdenChild, inspired by Geoguessr, aims to test your knowledge. 

Where in Fortnite is an impressive creation (with both normal and hard modes) that drops you in random locations on the Fortnite map. You've got to use your wealth of Fortnite knowledge to figure out and name where you are before time runs out! If you really think you know all there is to know about the game, you can even opt for Night Mode, which takes the locations and sets them up at night, so it's even harder to figure out where you are, unless you really know your stuff.

[OC] I created a game inspired by Geoguessr where you have to guess the Fortnite location! from r/FortNiteBR

Think you've got what it takes? Check out Where in Fortnite's official page and give it a whirl. Or not. With the Fortnite map seeing so much evolution and change of the past several years, Where in Fortnite actually gives you the option to select between maps based on Chapter 1, Chapter 2, or Chapter 3. You could also opt to just play with all chapters of Fortnite available.

fortnite geoguessr

If you're more interested in trying to figure out where you are in the real world and not Epic Games' cartoonish hellscape of a battle royale, Geoguessr is the game's inspiration, and it's pretty tricky. 

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