Battlefield 5 single player War Stories trailer shows Nordlys, No Flag, and The Last Tiger missions

These campaign missions look like they'll be quite the spectacle.


Electronic Arts and DICE have detailed Battlefield 5's new War Stories campaign mode through a new trailer that debuted today. The new footage shows off the anthology format popularized in Battlefield 1, which will now explore several locations in its Nordlys, No Flag, and Last Tiger missions.

Previously, DICE revealed the first Battlefield 5 story, Nordlys, which is set in 1943 and centers around the Germany-occupied Norway. It follows a resistance fighter, a clip of which we can see in the new footage. There's also a selection of other characters here, with various backdrops such as a stormy sea, prison, and even a skiing slope, which looks uncharacteristically lighthearted for the series.

Players will take on enemies as a German Tiger I tank driver and even embody the Senegalese Tirailleurs, a part of the French army that we don't often see in campaign stories like these. It's going to take us to a lot of places, all of which look incredibly unique. 

For those aching for single-player content that's missing from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Battlefield 5 should scratch that itch nicely, as the War Stories vignettes are looking to tell "the untold stories of World War 2." Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is already out and available, but Battlefield 5 won't be dropping for another month, as it's poised to debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in November 20.

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