Delian League locations - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Locate and eliminate all Delian League members while working through the Cult of Kosmos.


The Delian League is one of several wings from the Cult of Kosmos, and each of its members must be located and eliminated to progress through the cult and get to the Ghost of Kosmos, the leader of the Cult of Kosmos. Today, I will take you through how to unveil and locate each member of the Delian League on your quest to make Ancient Greece a better place.

Delian League locations - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

We've broken down the locations of each of the Delian League cultists below. Available soon after you kill Elpenor, these cultists start off at a somewhat higher level than some of the other branches. Make sure you're prepared for the battle before using the info below to find and kill each cultist.

Brison - Level 19

  • Unlocked By: The Serpent’s Lair
  • Location: Salamis Marble Quarry, Salamis Island, Attika
  • Loot: Athenian War Hero Gauntlets
Delian League cultists - Brison location

Brison is handed to you after playing through The Serpent’s Lair story mission, so he can be approached relatively early. He will not drop clues to any other members of the Delian League, which is a shame but not a big deal.

Podarkes the Cruel - Level 27

  • Unlocked By: Not Required
  • Location: Leader House, Tavern Point, Silver Islands (Mykonos)
  • Loot: Athenian War Hero Boots
Delian League cultists - Podarkes location

I had no idea that Podarkes the Cruel was a member of the Cult of Kosmos or Delian League. There were several quests on the island of Mykonos, but I opted to experiment with just killing the leader to see if it would clear them all. It did, and it turns out that Podarkes was a member of the Delian League. Just go kill this guy when you’re ready, don’t bother trying to unveil him.

Rhexenor the Hand - Level 42

  • Unlocked By: A-Musing Tale (Quest)
  • Location: Weapon Storage, Greater Athens, Attika
  • Loot: Athenian War Hero Belt
Delian League cultists - Rhexenor location

Rhexenor the Hand is discovered during a main quest line, so there’s no harm in just playing through to unveil him. You should be leveled with him, but I still opted to load up on Hunter damage and shoot him from across the street. Two arrows did it and I had rid myself of one more member of the Delian League.

Iobates the Stoic - Level 49

  • Unlocked By: Killing Aigle the Great Cat (Mercenary)
  • Location: Ancient Stronghold, Sky Fall Lakes, Hephaistos Islands (Lemnos)
  • Loot: Athenian War Hero Armor
Delian League cultists - Iobates location

I was very under leveled (level 41) when I opted to take on Iobates the Stoic, so I loaded up on gear that bumped my Hunter damage and used the bow and arrow to take him out at range. He fled the fort, making my life easier and allowing me to eliminate him away from the bulk of his forces. If this isn’t an option for you, level a bit and come back for him.

Kodros the Bull - Level 50

  • Unlocked By: Killing Titos of Athens (Arena)
  • Location: Leader House, Lover’s Bay, Petrified Islands (Lesbos)
  • Loot: Athenian War Hero Helmet
Delian League cultists - Kodros location

The location and identity of Kodros the Bull is uncovered by killing Titos of Athens, a level 43 fighter in the Arena. He dropped a clue called Job Offer, which is what provided the information. Kodros the Bull was a level 50 enemy while I was only level 41, but a build focused on Hunter damage and a safe position to use my bow made quick work of him.

Kleon the Everyman - Level 40

  • Unlocked By: Doing Time (Quest)
  • Location: Battleground of Makedonia, Roots of an Empire, Makedonia
  • Loot: Paris’s Bow
Delian League cultists - Kleon location

Kleon the Everyman is discovered through the main quests in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, so you can’t really miss him. You also can’t get to him early. You must wait for the story to make him your target. By the time you get to him all other members of the Delian League should be eliminated.

That will do it for the locations and identities of the Delian League, part of the Cult of Kosmos. To find more cultists, visit our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey walkthrough and guide.

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