Newegg discount takes 10% off some Nvidia and AMD GPUs during sale

Pick up a new card on the low low.


Looking to pick up a new graphics card? Newegg has you covered. There's a sale currently going on at the online retailer, with GPUs for Nvidia and AMD right now, which makes some pretty powerful cards available at discounted rates.

You can pick up the GTX 1070 Ti for around $432, or the GTX 1080 for $468, as well as the GTX 1070 for $380 if you take the sale price and apply 10% off with the coupon code EMCEPER22. The list of discounted GPUs get a hefty price cut when you apply this deal, though it will only work with the list of GPUs offered currently in the sale. The sale price is mainly for the GTX 10 and AMD Radeon RX 500 cards, but still worth a look if you're thinking about upgrading.

Check out the full list of cards on sale at Newegg, and make sure you nab the code to use it when you check out. The code will expire on Friday, October 19 at 3 AM ET, so you've got quite a while left to use it before it's no good any longer. Beware, though, as there may be more sales coming with Black Friday and the holidays around the corner, that might make this 10% off deal seem like a pittance. Purchase with caution!

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