Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost includes Haunted Forest and new quests

Put on a mask, collect new emotes, dive into a new activity, and solve a murder in Festival of the Lost 2018.


It’s spooky season, which means that Destiny 2 players will be frolicking around and enjoying the festivities included in Festival of the Lost. This year, players are treated to more than just masks and some daily bounties, as new Triumphs will be available to earn along with a new activity.

Announced over at, Festival of the Lost begins on Tuesday, October 16 for all players in Destiny 2 regardless of whether they are up to date with the latest DLC. Since Eva Levante has disappeared off the face of the Earth, Amanda Holliday has taken up the mantle of organizing the event, transforming the Tower with engram lanterns and other spooky decorations.

New cosmetics are up-for-grabs for players who earn Ephemeral Engrams.
New cosmetics are up-for-grabs for players who earn Ephemeral Engrams.

Players who participate in the event can earn Fragmented Souls by completing daily bounties, a new currency that is used to purchase Festival of the Lost masks as well as the Horror Story Legendary Auto Rifle. Another cosmetic engram is being added to the XP level up reward system called the Ephemeral Engram. This engram rewards items specific to the Festival of the Lost event and will also be using the item knock-out mechanic currently in place.

The Haunted Forest will be launched through a different node to Mercury, so players without Curse of Osiris can still play it.

However, probably the biggest piece of content coming with Festival of the Lost is something called the Haunted Forest. Players will be given 15 minutes to descend as deep into the Haunted Forest as possible, killing increasingly difficult enemies. Players can tackle this solo, as a premade Fireteam, or by using matchmaking.

Though no further details have been given on the Haunted Forest, this sounds similar to how the Whisper of the Worm mission works, and even has some similarities with Destiny 2’s greatest new activity, the Shattered Throne dungeon. Only time will tell what secrets players can uncover in the Haunted Forest.

Also coming with Festival of the Lost is a murder mystery, where players must complete a quest line to uncover the identity of the person who slew Master Ives. This storyline begins on Tuesday, October 30, two weeks after Festival of the Lost begins.

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