Fallout 76 gameplay - Post-apocalyptic water-park Wavy Willard's

This was probably a pretty awesome place to go before the bombs dropped.


In the ruins of West Virginia, after the bombs drop and players emerge from the vault in Fallout 76, I found a pretty cool looking waterpark. As cool as a post-nuclear, overgrown waterpark can look, of course. This adventure took me away the crew I played with during my three-hour hands-on session with Fallout 76 to one of the northermost points on the online multiplayer survival game's map.

I didn't have a lot of time to really dig into the area, but it seems like it could be a fun setting for a lot of the game's quests and/or events. If you're unfamilar, random events can pop up at anytime all over the game's map and scattered players can team up to finish the event's objectives. If you're wondering why I didn't get to spend more time in the area, it's because the Fallout 76 developers dropped a nuke on us.

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