The best Fortnite Halloween costumes for adults and kids

Looking for a little bit of Fortnite flair this Halloween? Check out our guide to some of the hottest Fortnite Halloween costumes on sale now.


Halloween is right around the corner, meaning party-goers who likes to participate in All Hallow's Eve festivities are likely on the lookout for this year's hit costume. Gamers in particular have always been spoiled for choice when it comes to costume options, and that's particularly true for Fortnite players, as there are loads of in-game outfits that have made the transition into real-world costumes. Keep reading to discover our choice for some of the hottest Fortnite costumes players can don this Halloween.

It's worth noting that the majority of items featured on this list come from Spirit Halloween, a company that has managed to secure an official Fortnite license for its various costumes. As such, most of the top-selling and most highly received costumes that can be found at retailers like Amazon are offered by Spirit Halloween. With that said, many of the costumes featured below are being offered at a cost well above Spirit Halloween's suggested retail prices; consumers would be wise to check the Spirit Halloween website or Spencer's website in order to find the best deal. 

Note: the prices featured below were accurate at the time of writing and are almost certainly subject to change. Shipping fees and tax, where applicable, are not included in listed prices.

Fortnite Halloween costumes for adults

Fortnite Crackshot costume for adults

Break into Halloween in genuinely terrifying style with the frankly disturbing Crackshot costume from Spirit Halloween. Constructed of polyester and vacuform, the Crackshot costume is a premium offering that includes the costume top, mask, gloves, and hat with hair attached. Curiously, pants are not included in the purchase price, but Halloween party-goers would be wise to make sure they cover up their downstairs business before going out in public.

Spirit Halloween Adult Fortnite Crackshot costume - $229.99 via Amazon // $59.99 via Spirit Halloween

Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader costume for adults

This Fortnite Halloween costume from Spirit Halloween is so popular that pricing and availability seems to be widely varied. It's easy to see why, though — the Cuddle Team Leader costume is a plush onesie that wouldn't really be out of place anywhere, save for the crazed teddy bear face featured on the outfit's hood. Normally priced at $49.99, this costume is available in both standard adult and teen-oriented sizes.

Spirit Halloween Adult Cuddle Team Leader costume - $49.99 via Amazon

Fortnite Dark Voyager costume T-shirt for adults

This Fortnite costume is a little different from the others featured on this list: it's actually just an ordinary shirt, albeit one with distinct Fortnite style, which makes it perfect for people who aren't exactly crazy about getting completely dressed up for Halloween. Offered at a reasonable price from Spirit Halloween, the Fortnite Dark Voyager costume T-shirt is made of a blend of cotton and polyester and is offered in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

Spirit Halloween Adult Fortnite Dark Voyager costume T-shirt - $29.99 via Amazon

Fortnite Brite Bomber costume for adults

Another premium offering from Spirit Halloween, the Fortnite Brite Bomber costume is a good fit for Fortnite fans who aren't afraid to flex on their foes. The polyester one-piece jumpsuit is rounded out with a cropped t-shirt, gloves, belt, and even a pair of purple-hued glasses to complete the look.

Spirit Halloween Adult Fortnite Brite Bomber costume - $199.95 via Amazon // $59.99 via Spirit Halloween

Fortnite Rex costume for adults

This Fortnite Rex costume from Spirit Halloween satisfies on several levels: it's a clear-cut Fortnite reference for those in the know, a simple dinosaur costume for everyone else, and a plush onesie that wouldn't be totally out of place for people who like to stay cozy when lounging around the house.

Spirit Halloween Adult Fortnite Rex costume - $49.99 via Amazon

Fortnite Skull Trooper spandex costume for adults

Spooky skeleton costume or clear-cut Fortnite reference? The choice is yours — or perhaps everyone else's. This unofficial Fortnite Skull Trooper costume is made of 100% spandex for a rock-what-your-momma-gave-you fit, and doubles as a great skeleton outfit for cosplaying or just lurking around graveyards.

Riekinc Halloween Adult Fortnite Skull Trooper spandex costume - $49.99 via Amazon

Fortnite Halloween costumes for kids

Fortnite Dark Voyager costume for kids

Is it a biker? An alien? An extra in a Daft Punk video? No, it's a pint-sized Fortnite fan! The Spirit Halloween Fortnite Dark Voyager costume for kids one of the company's premium offerings, and its admittedly lofty price tag will net trick-or-treaters the one-piece cotton jumpsuit, a chest harness, gloves, knee pads, boot covers, and the outfit's signature helmet and dark-tinted visor.

Spirit Halloween Kids Fortnite Dark Voyager costume - $249.99 via Amazon

Fortnite Brite Bomber costume for kids

If ponies and unicorns are perhaps too old-school for the young gamer in the family, the Spirit Halloween Fortnite Brite Bomber costume should help keep things on the level. Forged of a polyester jumpsuit mated to a cropped t-shirt, belt, gloves, and glasses, the Brite Bomber costume blends the Halloween themes of yesteryear with the electronic entertainment of today.

Spirit Halloween Kids Fortnite Brite Bomber costume - $49.99 via Amazon

Fortnite Rex costume for kids

The Spirit Halloween plush Rex costume for kids gives burgeoning gamers a chance to flex their Fortnite affinity with a soft, comfortable one-piece polyester jumpsuit. As a bonus, it's rounded out with a hood which can be pulled down to scare strangers into thinking they're soon to be mauled by a vicious tyrannosaurus.

Spirit Halloween Kids Fortnite Rex costume - $44.99 via Amazon

Fortnite Black Knight costume for kids

Like some of the other Spirit Halloween offerings on this list, the Fortnite Black Knight costume is a full-fledged offering that comes complete with a polyester costume top, belt, bandana, shin guards, helmet, and ammo pouch. As a bonus, no one is likely to miss the medieval knight theme, even if they're not exactly keen on Fortnite references.

Spirit Halloween Kids Fortnite Black Knight costume - $249.99

Fortnite Skull Trooper costume for kids

When considering iconic Fortnite outfits, it's hard not to think about the Skull Trooper. Not only does it speak directly to the classic days of Fortnite, it's also a fairly traditional Halloween costume in and of itself, albeit one with a bit of an armored edge. The Spirit Halloween Fortnite Skull Trooper outfit is a premium offering, including the full-size jumpsuit made of polyester and spandex, a mask, gloves, belt, bandana, ammo pouch, and shin guards.

Spirit Halloween Kids Fortnite Skull Trooper costume - $199.99 via Amazon

Fortnite Tricera Ops costume for kids

Rounding out the kids' Fornite Halloween offerings is another one-piece outfit from the crew at Spirit Halloween, taking it back to the age of dinosaurs with the plush Tricera Ops costume. The costume itself is made of polyester, and comes complete with a suitably prehistoric triceratops design on the hood.

Spirit Halloween Kids Plush Fortnite Tricera Ops costume - $44.99 via Amazon

With these Fortnite costumes all lined up, video game fans should no problem scoring a victory royale this Halloween. To keep up to date on Epic Games' hit online shooter, be sure to stop by Shacknews' ever-expanding Fortnite home page.

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