The Cartridge Family 052 - Bungie's Matter, New Switch Hardware, Harry Potter RPG, Journalism Ethics

Forza Creed's Mega Party. A lot to unpack today, friends!


It's that time of the year again, folks! Things are moving quickly and getting more interesting with each passing day. We've got patent news from industry giant Bungie indicating a potentially new IP they're working on, Nintendo's plans to refresh the Switch's hardware as early as next year, and an alleged peak behind the curtain at what appears to be a new, unnanounced Harry Potter game.

It's only the first week of October, so who knows what's in store for us next week as games continue to release in anticipation of the holiday season. Until then, we'll keep drooling over these Red Dead Redemption II trailers. We hope you enjoy today's episode of The Cartridge Family - an episode we've crafted for you with the utmost care. Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe to the show so you never miss a beat!

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