Job Stauffer talks the importance of self-care through video games

The co-founder of Orpheus gives insight to how his company looks to improve self-care.


We caught up with Job Stauffer, the co-founder and CCO of Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment. During the interview below, Stauffer talks about how most of the self-care tips people suffering from mental illnesses are given from professionals usually feels like a chore. Orpheus is setting out to change this through VR gaming.

He speaks passionately about how games can help people meditate and reach a feeling of zen when going through depression and anxiety. It's pretty inspiring to see this company pioneering for games to be used a way that could save lives. More information about Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment and their goals can be found on their website. Stay tuned to the official Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels for more exclusive interviews!

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