Battlefield 5 beta observations point to weapon balance, enhanced vehicle damage, and more

The development team is being fairly transparent about the observations and changes being made based on the response to the open beta.


Both EA and Activision are gearing up for heavy traffic this holiday season, with both companies publishing their respective flagship first-person shooters. The Battlefield 5 open beta unfolded over the last few weeks and the development team decided to share what they've learned and the plans going forward as they set up for launch.

First, the team shared the percentage of players that played in each of the four roles. 36% used assault, 22% used medic, 28% used recon, and 14% used support. These don't seem to bad, though the team will probably boost incentives to play support to better balance things out.

Fortifications, one of the new elements added to go hand-in-hand with Battlefield's typical destructive environments, were used 80 million times. This means players received the new feature well and gives the devs a lot of data to work with on how to balance them going forward. Speaking of balance, the developers learned from a post-beta poll that players want the war of attrition. Ammo and health are "key to optimizing the gameplay tempo" and they're taking steps to add more strategy. You can read the full breakdown on the blog post.

Other elements, like the power of weapons and how quickly players die, are being tweaked and will hopefully lead to a strong debut when Battlefield 5 launches November 20, 2018, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates and check out our 2018 Video Game Release Schedule for the rest of the titles releasing this year.

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