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Due Process Interview: Tactics and liberation from the expectations of realism

The team at Giant Enemy Crab want to make a Rainbow Six-esque game that is easy to read and focuses on tactics over realism.


Thanks to the independent game revolution, smaller development teams have been able to realize the games of their dreams without being hampered by the realities of major league game publishing. Adaptations and re-imaginings of the games of our youth are very popular in the indie game space right now. An entire generation of gamers grew up playing Rainbow Six and SWAT 4. Those gamers now create their own games and Giant Enemy Crab is creating its vision of the perfect tactical first person shooter in the form of Due Process. We got a chance to speak with Alex Baard, Creative Director on Due Process while we were at Pax West 2018.

Alex goes over the various inspirations that led to the creation of Due Process. He explained that the early Rainbow Six games and SWAT 4 shaped the tactical planning stages of the game while classic arcade light gun games such as Virtua Cop and Time Crisis played a large part in building the visual aesthetic. He wants Due Process to be more about outhinking your opponents rather than focusing on pure twitch shooting.

The team will be wrapping up development on the Unity Engine-powered game soon. Right now, the plan is to release the game on PC first and then the team will consider options for development on other platforms. To stay on top of the biggest release dates left in the upcoming holiday season, refer to our 2018 video game release date guide. For more in-depth interviews and games industry coverage, be sure to follow Shacknews and over on YouTube.

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