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The Cartridge Family 050 - John Platinums Spider-Man, Joe Sucks, Vigilante Buffa, Same Old Andrew

Just because we haven't release an episode in 4 weeks doesn't mean we haven't been busy. I mean, heck, John played a game to completion in 2018 and he's an old, old man.


So, first of all, many apologies for the multi-week gap in our content schedule. I would like to formally say that "We're Back" and things should be running smoothly again. For the record, this is what happens when you replace your old trusty iMac for a Macbook Pro with literally no useable ports on it so all of your audio equipment you've been hoarding for over a decade is now obsolete. My bad, ultimately, but can't a guy complain a little? See below for a list of topics covered on today's show. As always, thanks for listening!

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