PUBG devs are testing update #22 ranking changes, quick-select menus in test servers

There's also an item trading feature being tested out and it allows you to get rid of some items to get higher tier skins.


Update #22 is currently making rounds in the PUBG test servers on PC and the developers have finally revealed details on the new elements they're testing out. The major additions are the long-awaited ranking system and new quick-menus for consumables or throwable items.

For rankings, the devs broke down these important elements:

  • There are 8 total ranks
  • Rank will be assigned based on Rank Points earned
  • To earn your first rank, you will need to play 10 provisional matches
  • Rank promotion / demotion will be decided by total rank points as indicated in the chart below

With this new addition comes an overhaul of the statistics page, as well. The UI is improved and updated to show rank, KDA, average damage, and more in a clear way. The leaderboard will show up to 100 ranks. The quick-menu for health and throwable items functions in a similar way to the game's emoji menu, allows players to switch between the items without having to dig into the full inventory.

Update #22 also sees the return of map selection. Individual maps can be chosen or players can jump into the first match available via the "Quick Join" option. Another significant mechanic being tested in one where players can trade in items to get some from a higher tier. Here are the parameters for the mechanic as of right now:

  • You can trade up multiple same-tier items and BP into one next-tier skin item
  • Trade up requires ten items, and the maximum tier you can get is up to rare(blue) while the system is in testing. We’ll look to open up the system further once we’re satisfied with the balance of the system but please note that any BP costs associated with this system may change.
  • The required BP amount is different depending on the tier of items being traded up. You will not be able to initiate the trade without all required items

Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates and be sure to jump into the PUBG PC test server if you want an early look at upcoming features for the battle royale shooter.

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