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Fortnite Nerf blasters will let you claim a Victory Royale IRL

Giving 'nerfed' a whole different meaning.


Can't get enough Fortnite? Need a way to "pew pew" outside of the game because Fortnite is life? Hasbro's got your back, dude. A new partnership between Epic Games and Hasbro is bringing us a set of officially licensed Nerf Fortnite blasters which will hit store shelves in spring 2019. Ah, yes, let's have even more children playing Fortnite! There aren't enough high-pitched pipsqueaks in the game as it is!

On a serious note, Hasbro hasn't released much information about what we can expect from the Nerf blasters, but you can bet they'll be based on some of the less "realistic" weapons, I'm sure. It's probably safe to assume they won't look like real weapons, but what will they look like? That's a subject that's up for debate right now, but we're sure to see more as the months roll on.

This isn't the last we're going to see from Fortnite toys, either. There's plenty more coming down the pipeline, like Fortnite Monopoly, the entire series of Fortnite Funko Pop! toys, and probably even more we haven't even heard about yet. The question that remains is: Are you going to be buying any of it, or are you just about tuckered out on Fortnite?

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