Destiny 2: Forsaken raid glitches allow immediate access to Last Wish raid gear

New Destiny 2 glitches allow players to skip past Forsaken content and immediately claim end-game raid chests, often repeatedly.


It's not surprising for glitches to surface in a game as big as Destiny 2. In fact, both Destiny and Destiny 2 have played host to their fair share of glitches through the years. However, this latest one seems to be one of the most egregious yet: using a series of very specific steps, players have been able to entirely skip Destiny 2: Forsaken raid content and jump straight to the rewards, claiming late-level Last Wish loot (often repeatedly) well ahead of the raid's launch later this week.

Be warned: some spoilers for the Destiny 2: Forsaken Last Wish raid will follow.

This information comes by way of user ozberk over on the Destiny subreddit, who was able to glitch into the Last Wish raid area a full five days ahead of its release and claim the spoils from within the raid chest. After the details went public, many players were able to take advantage of the glitch multiple times, earning full sets of Last Wish gear without actually participating in the raid itself.

According to a YouTube video posted by Rifle Gaming, the process involves traveling to The Dreaming City, the end-game area for Forsaken, then undergoing some very specific platforming segments. Through concerted effort, players can eventually reach first the Tower of Opened Eyes, then the First Spire, wherein they can claim the hidden chest and the raid drop.

Not only does this reveal much of what can be expected from the Last Wish raid — players have already discovered new Lore Tabs in the game's menu — the glitch is also open to further exploitation. According to a report from Eurogamer, the latest glitch can be "combined with another glitch to reset the chest, allowing [players] to open and grab loot from it repeatedly." As a result, some Destiny 2 players already have full sets of Last Wish raid gear and raid weapons.

For now, it seems Bungie hasn't yet fixed the glitch. There's little doubt that they're already working on it, but as it stands at the moment, Destiny 2 players who want to claim late-level rewards without having to complete the raid have a brief window in which to do so. With that said, skipping the raid content and going straight to the rewards does seem to defeat the purpose of participating in the raid to begin with, and there's no guarantee that any ill-gotten gains will remain in player inventories once the problem has been patched.

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