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Gato Roboto hands-on at PAX West 2018: Domeow arigato

In space, no one can hear you purr.


Cats always seem to get dissed when put up against their canine counterparts in the old “who’s more loyal?” game. Up until this point cats have mostly been known for their passion for lasagna and their hatred of Mondays. But, the spunky little feline known as Kiki in Devolver Digital’s newly revealed indie title Gato Roboto would have to be an exception to the rule at the very, very least.

When her human owner’s spaceship crash lands and gets trapped inside the cockpit it suddenly becomes Kiki’s task to hunt down the supplies necessary to get the ship repaired and save her human. In order to overcome the harsh terrains and hostile creatures of the alien planet Kiki will be able to pilot a very Metroid mech suit that can wield powerful weapons like rockets and laser blasters and can even earn the ability to spin jump. At various points the feisty feline will have to leave the suit to do things like swim through water to access new areas, but there will be various points throughout the game where players will able to spawn mech suits or they may even end up back where they left their last suit.

Gato Roboto definitely wears its influences on it sleeve with a lot of imagery that looks to hearken back to its Metroidvania and Master Blaster roots. Its fully black and white pixel palette may also remind players of the recent monochromatic indie masterpiece Minit as well. I got a chance to play the PC version with an Xbox style controller briefly at PAX West 2018 and I was instantly enthralled. Maybe I’m just a sucker for cats in space with mech suits, who knows? But even if you’re more of a dog person you’ll want to keep Gato Roboto on your radar. Gato Roboto is planned for a PC launch sometime in 2019.

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