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How to greet citizens in Marvel's Spider-Man

Players looking to earn the Spider-Man About Town in Marvel's Spider-Man will need to hit the streets to greet ten citizens.


No digital recreation of Manhattan would be complete without a dense population to help fill it out. In that regard, Marvel's Spider-Man is very accurate — the game is loaded with ordinary people going about their lives. And, as players browsing through the game's trophy list will discover, there's a trophy called Spider-Man About Town that unlocks after Spidey greets ten citizens. Not everyone can be greeted, however, so tracking down the trophy might seem daunting at first. Luckily, we're here to help.

How to greet citizens

Marvel's Spider-Man players will encounter a lot of pedestrians roaming around Manhattan, and occasionally, Spider-Man will be able to greet them. Assuming they can be greeted, a Triangle icon will appear over their head.

However, knowing which citizens can be greeted is another matter. Sometimes, in those rare moments when Spider-Man is actually walking the streets — while looking for a new copy of the Daily Bugle, perhaps — Spidey will hear someone call out to him. Though it's oftentimes just normal chatter, every now and then a citizen will make an approach, and the icon to interact will appear.

Pressing Triangle, Spider-Man will approach the citizen to see what the deal is. Every now and then, the deal is a simple high five and the jubilant spread of glad tidings. Other times, particularly later in the game, citizens will remark that they saw suspicious activity nearby, resulting in a mini-map quest marker pointing the player toward a location where they can take out criminal activity, defeat bands of bad guys, conquer enemy bases, and so on.

There's no single place to find pedestrians who are able to be greeted, but assuming they drop down to the streets every now and then, Marvel's Spider-Man players should have no trouble greeting ten citizens throughout the course of the game and earning the Spider-Man About Town trophy.

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