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Two new Valkyries join Honkai Impact 3rd as the story continues

Poem of Dancing Flames patch brings the fire.


Honkai Impact 3rd’s latest patch heralds the Homecoming Fair for St. Freya’s, with two new Valkyries and the latest chapter in their fight against the end of the world. The Poem of Dancing Flames patch brings more gameplay modes, too, including a co-op raid stage set in Memorial Arena. And of course, what sort of Homecoming celebration would it be without a pretty party frock for one of our girls? Valkyrie Bladestrike’s Aeterna Purum outfit is yours to earn in the event trials, too!

A song of ice and fire

Celestial Hymn and Flame Sakitama have joined the fight against the Honkai! These two new creature-type Valkyries are both as fiery as their names suggest, so don’t count Theresa’s Celestial Hymn out as a peaceful soul, now!

As a soul-awakened version of Mei’s Bladestrike Valkyrie, Flame Sakitama wields dual blades that light the souls of her enemies on fire. A creature-type Yae Sakura Valkyrie, Sakitama has enormous burst potential, dealing monstrous amounts of fire damage to single target enemies. Her Ultimate, Double Firewall, catches enemies in a Time Lock within a radius around her, while selecting one at random for up to eight dash strikes dealing fire damage worth 200% ATK each. Flame Sakitama works well together with Kiana’s Divine Prayer Valkyrie and Bronya’s Dimension Breaker, providing plenty of lockdown and taking away any chance of retaliation.

Theresa’s new S-Rank Valkyrie, Celestial Hymn, is also a creature-type, but plays as an entirely different beast. Using mid-ranged attacks, Theresa can keep enemies at bay and safely dodge out of harm’s way. She also helps to impair enemies’ defences while boosting allies’ attacks, making her an all-rounder DPS and support. And once she’s danced her deadly dance long enough, racking up huge hit combos and quickly building SP, she can unleash her Ultimate: Judgement from Heavens. This launches a huge blade, pulling enemies in and pinning them in place while slashing a huge area around the activation point. It isn’t channeled either, so Theresa can get in on the action too and continue to launch her slashing combos into the brawling mess of enemies.

The saga continues

The sixth story chapter arrives in this update, offering plenty of high value rewards for completion on normal, hard and supreme difficulties. Our girls venture further into the Babylon Labs in Siberia to discover what secrets are imprisoned inside the freezing depths. And outside of the main story, there’s a new co-op raid stage for enjoying the capabilities of the latest additions to the Valkyrie roster with friends.

Memorial Arena is a training simulation for St. Freya’s Valkyries, using data from the most powerful enemies encountered in the universe to simulate the toughest boss fights yet faced in Honkai Impact 3rd. Do you have what it takes to challenge the hardest trials in the arena? Assemble your team and enter, if you dare.

New year, new uniform!

It’s back to school for the Valkyries of St. Freya’s, which means two things: tough classes and Homecoming celebrations. Any Homecoming Fair is a chance to look your best, and the girls aren’t missing out. Completing the ridiculous challenges set by these tough schoolmasters will earn players the ★4 Aeterna Purum outfit for Mei’s Valkyrie Bladestrike, while topping up your balance will net you Valkyrie Chariot’s Blue Sky outfit and supply cards to help you on your way to a good academic year. Or a new Valkyrie to bring back to the dorm, whichever sounds best to you, captain!

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