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Hitman 2 developer interview: 'Miami is the biggest level we have ever done'

Hitman 2 will feature Miami, the largest level IO Interactive has ever made for the Hitman franchise.


The Hitman franchise has always been a fascinating one, allowing players to assume the role of a master assassin known as Agent 47. In 2016, IO Interactive released Hitman, a sandbox game that allowed players to approach missions and targets from dozens of angles. Speaking from nearly 300 hours of experience across PS4 and PC, Hitman was a game suited for replaying and, if its Miami level is any indication, Hitman 2 will offer the same depth of content.

Speaking with Eskil Mohl, the Associate Game Director of Hitman 2, Shacknews learned the Miami would be the biggest level IO Interactive has ever made as part of the Hitman franchise. For anyone who tried the Hitman 2016 game, this is impressive. Paris, the first main mission in that game, took dozens of hours to unlock all the weapons and gadgets and experience all the ways the objective could be approached. Check out the embedded video to learn more about Hitman 2, including how a seemingly harmless rubber ducky can be a tool of destruction in Agent 47’s arsenal.

Hitman 2 will be releasing for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 13, 2018. To stay current with all upcoming titles, visit the Shacknews video game release dates 2018 guide.


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