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How to earn Research Tokens in Marvel's Spider-Man

Players can craft new suits, gadgets, and upgrades in Marvel's Spider-Man by earning and spending Research Tokens.


One of the strongest attributes of Peter Parker, the young man who protects the streets of New York as the masked hero Spider-Man, is his incredible intellect. His physical strength is considerable, but it's his mind that's able to round out the Spider-Man's capabilities through use of gadgets like his iconic web shooters. This is also the case in Marvel's Spider-Man, the hot new release from Insomniac Games: Peter is able to develop and upgrade his suits and gadgets by using his brain combined with specific collectibles known as Tokens. Research Tokens are one of these Token types, and earning them will be a critical step toward increasing Spider-Man's combat and traversal capabilities.

How to earn Research Tokens

Along with Crime Tokens, Research Tokens are among the most common and frequently required collectibles in Marvel's Spider-Man. As may be divined through reading the name, Research Tokens correspond to various investigative tasks, most specifically by completing objectives offered up by Research Stations scattered around the city.

Players just starting the game won't actually have access to Research Stations. With that said, they unlock shortly into the game's first act, meaning it shouldn't take too long after activating nearby Surveillance Towers before players can start to take on Research Station challenges.

Finding Research Stations is easy — once a given district's tower has been activated, they'll simply appear on the minimap and in-game map. Actually earning Research Tokens will take some effort, however, as different Research Stations offer up a variety of different objectives and challenges.

Some Research Stations task Spider-Man with finding the source of mysterious toxic substances, while others will have him identifying said substances, tracking down drones, and more. There's really a large variety of different objectives to be found, which is great news for players fond of the occasional minigame. And, unlike with other Tokens, players earn one Research Token for locating the Research Station and two more for completing its objective — there are no bonus objectives here. However, unlike most of the other challenges in the game, some Research Stations have skill requirements that must be met before the challenge can be tackled. This will noted in the in-game map as well as in a pop-up dialog box when approaching the station.

Players shouldn't have too much trouble earning Research Tokens in Marvel's Spider-Man, and the act of earning them provides a nice distraction from the usual high-stakes combat. Plus, earning Research Points early is a good way to make sure that new suits and gadgets can be purchased the moment they've been unlocked.

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