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InkyPen is the first Nintendo Switch comic book reader app

Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to check out InkyPen, the comic book reader app and subscription service that will offer access to "thousands" of comic books.


The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic device for gamers who want to get their thrills both at home and on the go, but it doesn't have too many options for general entertainment otherwise. Nintendo still doesn't seem very interested in bringing major video streaming services to the platform, though they have allowed a few apps like Hulu to get thrown into the mix. With that said, a new subscription-based app is about to launch that will soon let Nintendo Switch owners use the device as a fully functioning comic book reader.

It's called InkyPen, and as far as can be told, it works just like many other comic readers: users can flip through pages, zoom and scroll to get a closer look at panels, and a library feature helps keep all the comics in proper order. The teaser video featured above shows the app during basic use, though it may or may not show all of its functions, as evidence of touch-based control is notably absent.

More than a comic reading app, InkyPen is specifically a comic book subscription service, one that allows users to browse comics to their heart's content after paying the $7.99/month subscription fee. The only downside — at least so far — is that neither DC nor Marvel are among the service's supported publishers, which probably isn't too surprising.

With that said, there are several big-name publishers on board with InkyPen, including the likes of Dynamite, IDW, and Valiant, with InkyPen claiming that subscribers will be granted access to "thousands" of comics when the app launches. Be on the lookout for InkyPen to release for the Nintendo Switch this November. To catch up on the latest Nintendo Switch game releases, be sure to stop by our complete video game release schedule for 2018.

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