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Ice T's Twitter account is the final level of gaming knowledge

No sugar required.


Friends, gather round. I'm going to tell you a story about a man you probably haven't paid much attention to before. I'm talking about Tracy Lauren Marrow, the rapper, actor, musician, and as we all know, gamer. Oh, word? You don't know who that is? It's none other than the legend, ICE T. 

The multi-talented personality may be known for awesome things like dropping straight hot tracks, playing Odafin Tutuola on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and being a gaming icon.

Yeah, I said icon. Because only an icon would drop some truth bombs like this one:

Yeah, because console wars are stupid.

You can always find him on Twitter, dropping nuggets of gaming wisdom for us, the unwashed masses, the undeserving recipients of his razor-sharp wit. 

Even his daughter Chanel (who looks just like him) gets in on gaming time with her dad. 

But with so much on his plate, how does the man have time to play some of his favorite games, anyway?

Whether it's Def Jam or Destiny 2, the man's got his gaming knowledge on lock. 

Like a boss, that's how. He squeezes it in, because nothing's going to keep this man between him and his cherished gaming moments. Stay living your truth, king. We know you're a gaming legend, no doubt.


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