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Google Fit apes Apple Watch features with activity goals and 'heart points'

Get moving, and Google will reward you for it.


Google Fit has undergone a massive redesign recently, with a suite of new features that bring to mind another special fitness tracking apparatus: the Apple Watch. The new Google Fit app includes several new augments to help make it a little more useful for fitness buffs, such as the ability to automatically detect what kind of exercise you're doing, and new "Heart Points" awarded when you complete said activities.

Google Fit also uses new "Move Minutes" that help you make alterations to the actions you take each day to help improve your fitness. It'll prompt you to try more cardio-related activities like walking up stairs instead of opting for an elevator, or skipping out on more caffeine when the signals your body is sending clearly say you just don't need it. If this sounds familiar, it's because it's a lot like the Apple Watch's movement and stand reminders that often help you remember to get up and jog around a bit.

If you're interested in utilizing the new and improved app with the Move Minutes and Heart Points, you can look forward to the changes coming this week via new update, as long as you're using an Android smartphone or Wear OS device. Of course, if you're still rocking an Apple product, there's no real need for you to switch over, since the two ecosystems seem as though they've become quite similar over the months. Both should help you get inspired to start moving and losing weight, and that's what you're looking for, after all.

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