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Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project - Dr. Boom Survival Puzzle Lab Solutions

Stumped on Dr. Boom's grueling Survival puzzles? Shacknews is here to help.


Hearthstone players have racked their brain across The Boomsday's Project new Puzzle Lab single-player mode since it released on Tuesday. Now comes the time to go to work with Dr. Boom himself.

Shacknews is here to help out with each of the Dr. Boom Survival puzzles, taking the bad doctor's best shot. This is it! You've reached the end! Now let's help you get through the home stretch.

Puzzle #1 - Mal'Ganis and Me

This is a pretty easy one to start with, as the idea is to summon that Mal'Ganis in your hand. There isn't too much work to this one, if you know what to do and use that Turret Sentinel to your advantage.

  • 1. Play the Unlicensed Apothecary. The Turret Sentinel will attack it and leave it at 5/1.
  • 2. Play the Ratcatcher on the Unlicensed Apothecary. It will trade into the Turret Sentinel and refresh your Mana Crystals.
  • 3. Play the Soul Repressor and quickly dispose of it with Crazed Alchemist. This will summon Mal'Ganis.

Puzzle #2 - Sharing is Caring

Here's the first of a few puzzles centered around Djinni of Zephyrs. The answer may look obvious, but you might have to think outside the box with this. If you're guessing you need Zola the Gorgon, you're halfway there.

This is where you should also take notice that Dr. Boom's Survival puzzles are a little tougher, because the requirement is now the ability to withstand 40 damage.

  • 1. Play Lorewalker Cho.
  • 2. Play Zola the Gorgon and copy Lorewalker Cho. Play the Lorewalker Cho copy.
  • 3. Use your Mark of the Lotus and Hero Power up.
  • 4. Refresh your Mana Crystals with Battery Pack.
  • 5. Play Earthen Scales on Zola.
  • 6. Use Azalina Soulthief. This will bring in all those Lorewalker Cho spells you've created.
  • 7. Use your new Marks of the Lotus spells first, refreshing with Battery Pack when necessary.
  • 8. Cast the Earthen Scales spells on Zola.

Puzzle #3 - The Path to Victory

It turns out that the key to victory here is in your deck, not your hand. Oaken Summons should get the ball rolling for you, as you hammer away to victory.

  • 1. Play Oaken Summons. This will Recruit a Steel Rager.
  • 2. Magnetize Zilliax to the Steel Rager.
  • 3. You have a Rusty Horn spare part and you're going to want to use it on the enemy Sentinel Turret. Once the Sentinel Turret has Taunt, charge in with your Zilliax-boosted Steel Rager.
  • 4. Buff up your Taunts with Strongshell Scavenger.
  • 5. Use Earthen Scales on your buffed-up Steel Rager. You'll get a bonus Armor boost with Djinni of Zephyrs.
  • 6. Cast your Branching Paths spell and use double Armor boost.

Puzzle #4 - Doomed!

This one starts off easy, but the difficulty ramps up fast. The idea is to get to the bottom of your deck, but you have an awful lot of cards to draw first. And you'll want to be cautious about which cards you play, because you're going to need enough health to bring out Mal'Ganis.

  • 1. Use the Phasing Portal on Mal'Ganis to place it at the bottom of your deck.
  • 2. Use both Sacrificial Pacts on any of your Imps. This will give you enough health to use DOOM!
  • 3. Clear the board with DOOM!
  • 4. Be careful with Soul Repressor, because it'll always bring out your lowest-cost Demon. Play Witchwood Imp to get it out of the way.
  • 5. After playing your Soul Repressor, eat it with Carnivorous Cube.
  • 6. This should play your Voidlord. Hit it with Dark Pact to recover health and bring out the three Voidwalkers.
  • 7. Play DOOM! to draw the rest of your deck and summon two Soul Repressors.
  • 8. Again, be careful about Soul Repressor summoning your cheap minions. Play Flame Imp to the side and get it out of the way.
  • Play Void Terror between the two Soul Repressors. This will bring out the last of your Demons, including Mal'Ganis.

Puzzle #5 - Copycats!

It's more fun with Djinni of Zephyrs! Manage your board carefully, because it's easy to get carried away with the different ways to create minion copies.

  • 1. Play Red Mana Wyrm and then Ixlid, Fungal Lord. DO NOT play Ixlid first, otherwise you'll run out of room on the board to work.
  • 2. Refresh your Mana Crystals with Battery Pack.
  • 3. Play Djinni of Zephyrs. Ixlid will create a copy.
  • 4. Play Savage Roar to help beef up your Red Mana Wyrm. Use your leftover mana to Hero Power up.
  • 5. Play the second Battery Pack.
  • 6. Play Gloop Sprayer between both Djinnis of Zephyrs. You should now have four Djinnis of Zephyrs.
  • 7. Cast Earthen Scales on the Red Mana Wyrm and let the Djinnis go to work.

Puzzle #6 - Fungal Frugality

Dr. Boom's saved one of the tougher puzzles for last, just because he gives you so many tools to work with. Ixlid will be your centerpiece here, as the puzzle's title might imply. Use his copying ability to your advantage and put the Puzzle Lab to bed for good.

  • 1. Play Explosive Sheep, followed by Ixlid, Fungal Lord. You only need one Explosive Sheep, so once again, do not play Ixlid first.
  • 2. Buff up Ixlid with Barkskin.
  • 3. Use leftover mana to Hero Power up and then play Battery Pack.
  • 4. Play Spiritsinger Umbra, which Ixlid will copy for you.
  • 5. Play Mistress of Mixtures. You'll get two copies and have their Deathrattles activate immediately.
  • 6. Play Voodoo Doll and target the Explosive Sheep. The Sheep will go off and destroy the Mistresses of Mixtures, leaving Ixlid and the Umbras standing.
  • 7. Play Plated Beetle, which Ixlid will copy. Both Deathrattles will Armor you up immediately and bring you to the end of the Puzzle Lab.

If this is the last of the Puzzle Lab chambers, the congratulations! Enjoy your new BOOM! card back!

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