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Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project - Dr. Boom Board Clear Puzzle Lab Solutions

Stumped on Dr. Boom's wildly tough Board Clear puzzles? Shacknews is here to help.


Hearthstone players have racked their brain across The Boomsday's Project new Puzzle Lab single-player mode since it released on Tuesday. Now comes the time to go to work with Dr. Boom himself.

Shacknews is here to help out with each of the Dr. Boom Board Clear puzzles, sweeping away any minion in sight. And you may need help with this one, because these puzzles are some of the toughest in the Puzzle Lab.

Puzzle #1 - A Storm of Souls

Dr. Boom wastes no time getting the hard stuff out there. You'll need to be very familiar with how Test Subject operates, in order to find any kind of success here. It's a tricky one and there's always a chance that you'll get tripped up along the way, especially if the Gelbin's Coil doesn't want to cooperate. Follow directions carefully.

  • 1. Play both of your Radiant Elementals, along with your Test Subject.
  • 2. Use Vivid Nightmare on the Test Subject to create an 0/1 copy.
  • 3. Destroy the second Test Subject with Topsy Turvy to put both this spell and Vivid Nightmare back in your hand.
  • 4. Play Vivid Nightmare on the Gelbin's Coil to create a second one.
  • 5. Use Topsy Turvy on one of the Radiant Elementals. You'll be glad you did later.
  • 6. Hit the Test Subject with Holy Smite. You'll get this spell back in your hand immediately.
  • 7. Hit the 2/3 Radiant Elemental with Shadow Word: Pain. Don't worry, your Holy Smites will still be free.
  • 8. You should have four Holy Smites in-hand. Use one on an enemy Possessed Villager.
  • 9. Depending on the board state, use the remaining Holy Smites on your Gelbin's Coils and your 3/2 Radiant Elemental to clear the board.

Puzzle #2 - Plugging Away

Here's another tricky one, as players face off against three Mekgineer Thermapluggs. Not only do players need to be careful about creating Leper Gnomes to flood the board, but also about setting too many of them off. This one's a thinker and, once again, order is key.

  • 1. Drop the Tundra Rhino to give all the Cave Hydras Charge.
  • 2. Send a Cave Hydra into the center Mekgineer Thermaplugg. This will bring them all down to 9/5, but also summon some Leper Gnomes.
  • 3. Now's the time to start trading in Novice Engineers. Send one into the center Mekgineer Thermaplugg and another into the right one. Eventually, there will be too many Leper Gnomes on the board, making the board state a little more manageable.
  • 4. Use a Windfury spell on a Cave Hydra. Hit the Leper Gnome in-between the right two Mekgineer Thermapluggs to put them at 9/2. With the second hit, bash the right one to eliminate those two Mekgineer Thermapluggs and a Leper Gnome.
  • 5. Use a second Windfury on the last Cave Hydra. Hit the Leper Gnome between the last Mekgineer Thermaplugg and another Leper Gnome, then trade into the Mekgineer Thermaplugg. It'll still stand at 9/1 and create one last Leper Gnome.
  • 6. Trade the Tundra Rhino into the last Mekgineer Thermaplugg and then clear the board by trading the last Novice Engineer into the last Leper Gnome.

Puzzle #3 - The Test

This is another brutally tough puzzle in a series of them. This is mainly because of the Cairne Bloodhoofs (Bloodhooves?) on the other side of the board, because even if you can clear them off with Sergeant Sally, their Deathrattles will still leave minions standing. You'll have to be very careful and precise with your Test Subjects. Again, work carefully.

  • 1. Play Radiant Elemental.
  • 2. Use Vivid Nightmare on a Test Subject and destroy the new one with Shadow Word: Pain. You'll get both spells back.
  • 3. Make space in your hand by playing Inner Fire on your Radiant Elemental.
  • 4. Play Vivid Nightmare on the first Test Subject. Again, destroy the new one with Shadow Word: Pain to get both spells back.
  • 5. Now play Vivid Nightmare on the Radiant Elemental.
  • 6. Eliminate every Test Subject except the original one by using Shadow Word: Pain.
  • 7. Play Kobold Geomancer.
  • 8. Play Sergeant Sally and buff her up with Divine Spirit.
  • 9. Cast Vivid Nightmare on Kobold Geomancer twice. This will give you Spell Damage +3.
  • 10. You can finally dispatch your original Test Subject with Shadow Word: Pain to refresh your hand.
  • 11. Use Divine Spirit on Sergeant Sally again. This will bring her up to 1/4.
  • 12. Play Confuse, which will bring your Sergeant Sally to 4/1 and the Cairne Bloodhoofs to 5/4.
  • 13. Cast Vivid Nightmare on Sergeant Sally.
  • 14. Use Spirit Lash to hit for 4 damage. This spell will eliminate the Cairne Bloodhoofs first and summon the Baine Bloodhoofs. Then the Sergeant Sallys will go off, clearing the board.

Puzzle #4 - Warlock's Apprentice

Here's the hardest puzzle of the bunch and nobody will blamed for mashing their brain with a mallet after staring at the screen for hours on end. This is brutally difficult, because positioning matters big time here. Good luck with this one!

That's it for now! Come back later for more solutions to the devious Dr. Boom puzzles in Hearthstone's Puzzle Lab.

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