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Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project - Dr. Boom Lethal Puzzle Lab Solutions

Stumped on Dr. Boom's devious Lethal puzzles? Shacknews is here to help.


Hearthstone players have racked their brain across The Boomsday's Project new Puzzle Lab single-player mode since it released on Tuesday. Now comes the time to go to work with Dr. Boom himself.

Shacknews is here to help out with each of the Dr. Boom Lethal puzzles, helping put the hurt on the bad doctor and lead the prospective player to victory.

Puzzle #1 - Of Pirates and Patrons

Dr. Boom doesn't waste any time putting together a mental conundrum. The idea is to utilize the special Super Soldier minion, which will give any minion with 3-Attack or less Charge. In the way is a lone Sludge Belcher. Playing the Grim Patrons and Dread Corsairs in the proper order is vital, otherwise Dr. Boom will hang on by the skin of his teeth. Here's what to do:

  • 1. Play the Super Soldier.
  • 2. Drop the Frothing Berserker, in order to give it Charge.
  • 3. Equip the Fiery War Axe to discount the Dread Corsairs to (0). Summon them both and trade them into the Sludge Belcher.
  • 4. Send a Grim Patron into the leftover Slime.
  • 5. Use the Whirlwind spell to summon additional Grim Patrons.
  • 6. Use Slam on a full-health Patron to summon one more and beef up that Frothing Berserker just enough.
  • 7. Attack with the Fiery War Axe, Grim Patrons, and that giant Frothing Berserker to complete the puzzle.

Puzzle #2 - Erratic Explosive

This is a tough one, because the key involves keeping the Wild Pyromancer alive long enough to chip away at the Spud M.E. without having it blow up on your side of the board. The move that should stick out is the Wild Pyromancer and Power Word: Tentacles. But the twist is that Circle of Healing can help keep that Spud M.E. away from your side of the board when it inevitably goes off.

  • 1. Play the Wild Pyromancer and buff it with Power Word: Tentacles.
  • 2. Use Circle of Healing to swap the Spud M.E.'s place.
  • 3. Use Recharge to refresh your mana crystals.
  • 4. Hit the Spud M.E. with Holy Smite.
  • 5. Play Violet Teacher.
  • 6. Use both Defiles to set off the Spud M.E.

Puzzle #3 - Never Go Full Northshire

This is a tough one, because it involves toying with Wild Pyromancer and a host of Northshire Clerics. The key is in making sure every minion is damaged before using The Swap and Circle of Healing. If there's a minion undamaged, Dr. Boom will still be alive by a hair. Order is important.

  • 1. Use Power Word: Shield on the opposing Northshire Cleric. This will pull the Wild Pyromancer out of your deck.
  • 2. Use Lab Recruiter on the Northshire Cleric.
  • 3. Drop the Wild Pyromancer.
  • 4. Play the Elven Archer and use its 1 damage on the Lab Recuriter.
  • 5. Use the Battery Pack spell to refresh your mana crystals. This will kill your Elven Archer and Lab Recruiter.
  • 6. Play Fungal Enchanter to heal your minions and draw your remaining Northshire Clerics.
  • 7. Play two of the three Northshire Clerics.
  • 8. Use Binding Heal on your Wild Pyromancer.
  • 9. Play The Swap to switch all minions.
  • 10. Use Treachery to send the last remaining Northshire Cleric to Dr. Boom.
  • 11. Play Circle of Healing and enjoy the fireworks.

Puzzle #4 - Full Northshire

Take the last puzzle and infuse steroids SCIENCE! The principle here is largely the same, but now there's an Undercover Reporter card that adds two copies of a minion to your deck. You'll be using this for Northshire Clerics. This will play out similarly to the last puzzle, but there are a few twists, so be sure to pay attention.

  • 1. Play the Undercover Reporter, which will put two Northshire Clerics at the top of your deck.
  • 2. Play Elven Archer and use its effect on the Elven Archer. Buff the Elven Archer with Power Word: Shield.
  • 3. Play another Northshire Cleric and heal the damaged Cleric to draw your remaining cards.
  • 4. Play Northshire Cleric #3.
  • 5. Use Battery Pack to refresh your mana crystals. DO NOT play Wild Pyromancer first, even though you have two mana remaining!
  • 6. Next, play The Swap.
  • 7. NOW play the Wild Pyromancer.
  • 8. Use Treachery to send your lone Northshire Cleric to Dr. Boom, which will trigger the Wild Pyromancer.
  • 9. Play Fungal Enchanter to heal the Wild Pyromancer and get Dr. Boom started on drawing cards.
  • 10. Use Binding Heal on the Undercover Reporter. This is important, because it will keep the Undercover Reporter alive after the Wild Pyromancer effect.
  • 11. Play Circle of Healing and watch some more fireworks.

That's it for now! Come back later for more solutions to the devious Dr. Boom puzzles in Hearthstone's Puzzle Lab.

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