Will Guacamelee 2 release for the Nintendo Switch?

Is Guacamelee 2 coming to the Nintendo Switch? In short, it's possible, but the developers aren't saying yes just yet.


Aside from its hyper-portability and ease in suiting multiple gameplay styles, one of the best reasons to own a Nintendo Switch is the sheer number of titles that release for the platform. Many of the bigger Switch releases are games that players didn't expect to ever land on a handheld, while others are games that are good on other consoles but wind up being great on the Switch. However, not every game makes the leap to Nintendo's hybrid handheld, and one of the popular modern titles in that state of uncertainty is Guacamelee 2. Will Guacamelee 2 release for the Nintendo Switch? We can't say for sure, but we have some ideas.

Is Guacamelee Coming to the Nintendo Switch?

As it stands right now, it appears that Guacamelee 2 is not coming to the Nintendo Switch. Speaking to Destructoid in an interview following PlayStation's Paris Games Week presentation, developer DrinkBox Studios' co-founder Graham Smith stated that the studio is "completely focused on the PS4/PS4 Pro versions of Guacamelee 2." However, there's an addendum: Smith also stated that the developer "[isn't] announcing any other platforms at this time."

The implication, then, is that Guacamelee 2 could be or perhaps is slated to come to other consoles in the future — and what console would be a better fit for the game's side-scrolling, Metroidvania-inspired style than Nintendo's hit handheld?

Naturally, this quote also extends the possibility that Guacamelee 2 could be coming to Xbox One sometime in the future, which we can only see as a good thing. Getting Guacamelee 2 on any additional platforms will be a win for all game fans, as its uniquely addictive action and charming style make for an experience that should not be missed by anyone.

We may not get official word on a Guacamelee 2 Nintendo Switch release any time soon, but until then, gamers can keep up with the latest hot releases by checking out our guide to all video games scheduled to release in 2018.

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