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Judge orders preliminary injunction against GTA Online cheating program creator

Take-Two Interactive alleges that the programs have cost it at least $500,000 already.


The actions that developers and publishers are taking in regards to cheating have been pretty intense in recent months, as the entities take a firm stance against players and groups that are harming their bottom lines. Take-Two Interactive is one of the publishers that has taken cheaters to court and a US judge has ruled in their favor. A preliminary injunction has been issued and it prevents a Georgia resident from selling cheat programs for GTA Online.

Reuters reported on the ruling, sharing that David Zipperer has been selling computer programs that alter GTA Online for the benefit of the player or for griefing purposes. This preliminary ruling is based on the fact that the US judge feels Take-Two has enough evidence showing that Zipperer's programs harm the sales and reputation of the game. "Stanton also said an injunction would serve the public interest by encouraging Take-Two to invest more in video games and was appropriate because of the 'high risk' that Zipperer, who claimed to be unemployed, could not afford damages," the report reads.

In a statement to the publication, Take-Two said it "will keep pursuing legal actions to avert 'disruptions' to its multiplayer gaming community." The complaint, initially filed on March 23, 2018, alleges that Take-Two has last at least $500,000 because of Zipperer's programs. Other examples of legal action taken against cheaters and developers of cheating programs include PUBG's crackdown on 141 Chinese hackers and Epic Games' high-profile court case against Fortnite cheaters. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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