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Scum release date trailer introduces undead foes, early access pricing revealed

On paper, this is shaping up to be the ultimate survival sandbox experience.


Welcome to the island! The long-awaited survival sandbox experience Scum has an early access release date: August 29, 2018. The release date trailer also revealed a zombie threat, adding to the long list of survival genre staples and mechanics that the Scum team wants to include, polish, and evolve.

In a more recent post since the trailer's launch, a Scum developer has shared the pricing for the game. At early access launch, the game will cost $19.99 and it will gradually increase throughout the development phase. Also, you can't preorder the game. Developers are organizing invites to the game themselves. It's not known exactly how the zombies work in Scum, but it would be pretty interesting if players had to respawn after their death and chase down an undead version of themselves to get their gear back. As of right now, respawns will free but, in the future, players will spend Fame to retain skills, experience, and items.

The survival genre is a melting pot of ideas and experiences with a wildly fluctuating level of quality. A large part of that of that is the fact that higher profile survival games are largely seen through an early access lense, but products like Conan Exiles gives us a glimpse at what a well-crafted survival game can look like when officially launched. An entire genre on its own, battle royale, splintered off from the survival genre as well and is thriving in today's gaming market.

Scum will feature a battle royale mode, but it will encompass many elements seen scattered across the survival genre in way form or another. The developers are touting "unprecedented levels of character customization, control, and progression." On top of that, the developers say "there won't be microtransactions" but visual-only items will be added "down the line."

Tune into Shacknews to see how Scum looks and feels when we check out the early access, which starts on August 29, 2018. If it doesn't get crushed under the weight of its ambitions, it could end up being one of the most enthralling gaming experiences in recent memory.

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