New Heavy Sniper Rifle and Assault Trooper outfit land in Fortnite

The latest Fortnite update version 5.21 includes the new Heavy Sniper Rifle and a chance to snag the uncommon Assault Trooper outfit.


Epic Games' hit battle royale title Fortnite is always getting new content, and this week is no exception. Players across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices should have already been set up with the new update version 5.21 patch that released earlier today, and alongside it, they'll have access to the all-new Heavy Sniper rifle as well as the chance to check out new items in the Fortnite Item Shop, most specifically the rough, utilitarian new Assault Trooper player skin.

Fortnite's new Heavy Sniper Rifle

One of the more exciting additions to the Fortnite formula is the all-new Heavy Sniper Rifle, a weapon capable of doing 157 points of damage to players and a massive 1,100 points of damage to buildings. This is a weapon that will surely see play almost immediately.

However, the addition of the Heavy Sniper Rifle is a bit of a double-edged sword. While Epic Games has provided players with a new scoped alternative weapon, they've also removed scopes for all assault rifles. It seems that the developers want players to put more thought into their offensive and defensive techniques, and removing scopes from assault rifles means they players won't be able to rely on just one gun. Instead, they'll have to think on their feet and find the best weapon for each new situation.

Assault Trooper outfit in Fortnite

According to a report from Dexterto, one of the rarer items slated to land in the Fortnite item shop is the Assault Trooper skin. Uncovered by a dataminer by the name of MystxcLeaks over on Twitter, this outfit provides a less-flashy alternative for players who prefer to let their skills speak for themselves. The Assault Trooper skin should show up in the Fortnite item shop sometime between today, August 15, and this Saturday, August 18. It's an uncommon outfit, and purchasing it should set players back 800 V-Bucks.

Other changes in the Fortnite update version 5.21

The new content in Fortnite's update version 5.21 patch includes more than weapon tweaks and new skins: primarily, the latest update includes the Soaring 50s LTM (limited time mode) as well as a return of the Sniper Shootout LTM. Players will also note that the Save The World mode has been updated with the new constructor Thora, who can use a special ability to lure husk enemies into traps — something that should come in handy with the new "Bulletproof Husks" weekly challenge mode.

To learn more about the changes presented in the latest update, check out our accompanying Fortnite update version 5.21 news post. For more great coverage concerning Epic Games' massively popular online shooter, keep it tuned to Shacknews' Fortnite home page.

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