Nintendo Switch is about to break 20 million sales milestone

The Nintendo Switch is about to hit 20 million total sales, and is soon to approach the all-time sales record of the Nintendo GameCube.


Even if they don't own one, by now video game fans should be well aware of the popularity of the Nintendo Switch. Big N's hybrid handheld has proven to be a massive success, eclipsing the total sales figure of the Wii U just a matter of months into its life cycle. Now, the system is about reach a new sales milestone of 20 million total units sold, which will put it just under 8 million units away from the all-time sales record for the Nintendo GameCube.

According to data revealed through Nintendo's investor relations website, the Nintendo Switch has sold a grand total of 19.67 million units, which technically places it second-to-last in the overall sales records of Nintendo consoles. The next figure to beat — assuming that breaking sales figures is the goal — is the one held by the Nintendo GameCube, which sold a total of 27.74 million units across its lifetime. From there, the Switch will be facing off against classic Nintendo consoles: the Nintendo 64 at 32.93 million, the SNES at 49.1 million, and the NES at 61.91 million total units sold.

Of course, the biggest records in Nintendo's history are held by its most popular devices: the Wii sold a total of 101.63 million units, while the GameBoy and GameBoy Color combined sold 119.69 million units. At the very top of the podium stands the Nintendo DS, the company's most successful system, which to-date has sold 154.02 million units.

All things considered, Nintendo consoles have counted for over 700 million units sold — 727.65 million to be specific — which is certainly no small feat. In fact, it's almost exactly 200 million more than PlayStation has moved, as Sony revealed last week that the PlayStation family of consoles has sold a grand total of 525.3 million units across all hardware generations.

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