How long is We Happy Few?

How long will it take you to beat We Happy Few?


Few people have the time to sink dozens of hours per week into video games. This means that before buying a game, it’s important to know how long it is. This allows the buyer to decide if it’s too much of a time commitment, or perhaps if they feel the asking price exceeds the perceived amount of content. It’s the same as going to see a movie, really. People want to know how long they’ll be invested. With We Happy Few, our very own Brittany Vincent played through and has a good idea of what to expect for those that are looking to grab the game.

How Long is We Happy Few?

We Happy Few is going to take players between 15 and 25 hours to complete. Some might blast by a bit faster, or mosey through a bit slower, but that’s the sweet spot for the average gamer. That’s likely on par with most single-player campaigns these days, unless we're counting the open-world titles that can take over 100 hours to see and do everything there is.

For gamers that feel the time commitment would fit in their schedule, my next recommendation is to read the comprehensive We Happy Few review that Brittany posted. That should give a good idea of how much quality is packed into those 15 to 25 hours. After all, there are some incredible games out there that can be completed in only a few hours and missing out on them by choosing to value quantity over quality is a shame.

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