Rapper 2 Chainz demos a dope VR setup featuring $3 million worth of custom software

Seems like the software creators may have spent a little too much, honestly.


It may be hard to believe, but rapper 2 Chainz has apparently never tried out a VR setup before. In an episode of Viceland's Most Expensivest, he tries out a Vive headset, a motion-controlled D-Box chair, and headphones to play through a 12-minute movie called "Raising a Ruckus," which is an immersive VR experience. The movie took about $3 million to make, which sounds kind of like a scam when you see the quality of the graphics. But, silly as it may seem, 2 Chainz was very impressed with it, and had a great time in VR.

The video clip is a surprisingly hilarious time watching the rapper check out everything the movie has to offer, as well as a little AR at the end with a dragon named Drake. Of course, 2 Chainz is friends with Drake, so he found it more than a little entertaining that the dragon had a name like that. He was also extremely impressed by the realistic worlds he found himself in, but let's be honest, a movement-controlled chair really ramps things up considerably more than just playing around in VR at home.

Check out his time with the VR headset above, and try not to get too jealous of him seeing it all for the first time. It's always awesome to see what VR has to offer for the first time, after all, unless maybe you've just spent way too much on a Magic Leap One.

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