Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition - Sagat Basic Moves Guide

Picking up Sagat for Street Fighter V this week? Here's a primer on his moves to help you get started.


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is starting to attract more and more returning characters, but few have been more anticipated than Sagat. Anyone who has followed the series knows who he is. He is Ryu's ultimate rival, dating back to the very first Street Fighter Now he's back, with much of his classic arsenal in tow.

Sagat hit the Street Fighter roster out of nowhere on Monday and now Shacknews is here with a basic listing of some of his moves.


  • Angry Charge: MP + MK (Sagat powers himself up by touching the scar on his chest left by Ryu in the first Street Fighter. This V-Skill powers up his next Tiger Uppercut, increasing damage, stun, and juggle opportunities.)


  • Tiger Charge (V-Trigger I - 3 V-Gauge Bars Required): HP + HK (Sagat gains the powerful Tiger Cannon, which hits five times and can be canceled from any special move.)
    • Tiger Cannon: HP + HK
  • Tiger Assault (V-Trigger II - 2 V-Gauge Bars Required): (Sagat gains the Tiger Spike and Tiger Rush moves. Rush can be used to cap off combos, while Spike can be charged to guard break.)
    • Tiger Spike: HP + HK
    • Tiger Rush: Towards + HP + HK

Unique Moves

  • Tiger Heavy Elbow: Towards + HP
  • Step High Kick: Towards + HK
  • Step Low Kick: Towards + MK

Special Moves

  • Tiger Shot: Quarter-Circle Towards + Any Punch
  • Grand Tiger Shot: Quarter-Circle Towards + Any Kick
  • Tiger Uppercut: Towards -> Quarter-Circle Towards + Punch
  • Tiger Knee Crush: Towards -> Quarter-Circle Towards + Kick

Critical Art (Full EX-Meter Required

  • Tiger Rampage: Quarter-Circle Towards, Quarter-Circle Towards + Any Kick

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. Sagat is available now as part of the game's Season 3 Character Pass.

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