Hinterland Studio details The Long Dark's new physical retail edition

Check out everything fans can expect in The Long Dark's upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One physical retail releases.


PC gamers and fans of the survival game genre were given a rare treat with The Long Dark, the challenging and distinctly atmospheric title from the crew at Hinterland Studio. Since its release back in August of 2017, the game has been a PC exclusive release, but that's soon to change: not only did Hinterland previously announce plans to bring the game to home consoles, they've just announced new details concerning the game's physical retail PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions.

According to a press release from Hinterland Studio and publisher Skybound Games, the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One retail releases of The Long Dark will include a download for the game soundtrack a special physical Field Journal. Here's the full scoop from the release:

"Every retail edition box of The Long Dark will include a code to download the game’s Original Soundtrack, as well as a limited edition physical Field Journal. Used by an unnamed survivor on Great Bear Island, this naturalist’s Field Journal includes a map of the Island, as well as plenty of room to log your day’s activities - the perfect companion for any survivor of the Quiet Apocalypse!"

Set "in the aftermath of a mysterious geomagnetic disaster" that has left the world frozen and barren, The Long Dark players will be tasked with surviving in the harsh wilderness by seeking out supplies and tracking essential needs like food, water, and sleep. The retail versions will offer access to the challenging Survival mode as well as the Wintermute episodic story mode, and players seeking new opportunities can complete a variety of objective in the game's Challenge modes.

The Long Dark will hit retail store shelves in both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One varieties on September 4 in North America and September 7 in Europe. Players can pre-order the game through the usual big-name retailers or through the official Skybound website.

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