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'Fix PUBG' revealed, devs addressing community concerns over next few months

The development team is finally tackling anti-cheats, optimization, bugs, and more.


PUBG Corp has been criticized for adding new features like the event pass without improving the gameplay experience for the battle royale game first, but a pointed effort is apparently underway. Via Twitter, the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds team has revealed the Fix PUBG roadmap and it details a host of improvements to be implemented from August to October 2018.

If you check out the website, there are five specific categories that the development team is focused on and they each have their own individual focal points as well:

Client Performance

  • Character optimization
  • Effect optimization
  • Level streaming optimization

Server Performance

  • Optimization based on server performance profiling
  • Network code optimization
  • Replication interleaving
  • Character movement optimization
  • Parachute movement optimization
  • Airplane sequence optimization


  • Implementing combined anti-cheat solution
  • Report result notification system
  • Legal action against cheating program developers and resellers


  • Faster and smarter matchmaking

Bug Fix & Quality of Life Issues

  • Fixing bugs and quality of life issues throughout the campaign

There's a specific breakdown of the time that will be dedicated to each issue, and a handful will be addressed from the beginning to end. Stay tuned to Shacknews for updates and impressions on the potentially improved performance of PUBG. 

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