Destiny 2: Forsaken stream roundup: new map, nine new supers, random rolls, revamped mods

Here's everything you may have missed from today's Forsaken combat livestream on Twitch.


Today, on the official Bungie Twitch channel, the team livestreamed a reveal of new weapons and gameplay for Destiny 2: Forsaken. There's a lot to digest, but we kept track of the major highlights for all the Destiny 2 fans around. Check them out below and look out for additional updates throughout the day. "The arrival of Forsaken in the beginning of Year 2 is going to change the way we fight," the host states. From there on, the team details just what guardians can expect.

Random Rolls + Weapon/Armor Changes

As far as equipping your characters, there are a few changes to keep in mind. Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapon slots still exist though weapons now require specific ammunition types. A kinetic weapon might require "primary" or even "special" ammo. Some single-shot grenade launchers will use special ammo. Essentially, there are more opportunities to carry three of the same type of weapons in all your slots. There are disadvantages due to ammo needs, but if you want to carry three shotguns, you can do that.

When it comes to the reimplemented random rolls for weapons, the team jokes that "finally, your 20th Better Devils will still be exciting." The weapon roll system is adding a layer to both strategy and grinding as you fight for drops and make tough decisions on what to dismantle or shard so that you keep the various mods a random drop may have. This type of loot system is flexible and enhances the idea of a unique experience for each guardian. Armor also gets random rolls and mods. There are some new ones and those from Year 1 have been buffed. As seen in the roadmap below, weapon slot changes will go live before Forsaken goes live on September 4, 2018. Writer Brittany Vincent did an even more thorough breakdown of these new changes in a separate post.

Crucible Changes

  • 2-hit melee kills in Crucible

  • All third-person melees (should charge) are now one-hit

Bow Gameplay

Ability Changes

Further into the opening dialogue, the team revealed that random rolls from the original Destiny will be returning and nine new supers will arrive at the Destiny 2: Forsaken launch. Old subclasses will be changed. Under-performing supers are improved, including melee abilities and grenades. Stormtrance will kill faster, Goldengun has been given two more seconds, the throwing knife has also received a damage buff.

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