Grab legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre from GameStop this month

You can never have too many free Legendary Pokemon, that's for sure.


Looking to add a few new Pokemon to your collection in Pokemon Sun and Moon and sequels Ultra Sun and Moon? You're in luck, thanks to a new distribution event that's running now through August 26. You can head to your local GameStop and pick up a code for either Groudon or Kyogre, depending on which game you have.

If you have Pokemon Sun, you'll take home the Water-type Kyogre, while Pokemon Moon owners will get the Ground-type Groudon. They're level 60 for Sun and Moon players, and level 100 for Ultra Sun and Moon fans. You can't get both Pokemon in the same game, so if you can only get one code, choose wisely.

To get your new Pokemon, you'll need to make sure you head into your game menu on Nintendo 3DS and choose the "Mystery Gift" option with code in hand. From there, choose "Receive Gift." Then, pick the "Get with Code/Password" option and select yes twice. You'll connect to the internet and receive your Pokemon. Then, all you have to do is clear a spot in your inventory, head to any Pokemon Center in the game, and talk to the delivery person, who will hand over your new Pokemon. Then it's yours to do with as you please!

There are still more distribution events to come throughout the rest of the year, with Dragon-type Latios and Psychic-type Latias from the Hoenn region coming up around the bend. If you're looking to grow your collection even further, you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for when those distribution events occur, and we'll keep you updated, too.

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