Epic Games login issues caused by latest Norton Antivirus update affecting Fortnite on PC

If you use the popular antivirus software, stand by for a fix.


If you're currently experiencing issues logging in to Fortnite, you may have your Norton Antivirus software to blame. Currently, Epic Games is experiencing some sort of issue with users who have the program installed on their computer following a recent update. If you're seeing problems with your antivirus program while trying to log in, it might be because Norton is falsely identifying Fortnite as a trojan virus and is summarily deleting the file before you can get going.

As of this evening, the official Fortnite Twitter account is aware of the problem and has reached out to Norton to assist in identifying the problem so it can be fixed on the double. In the meantime, some Twitter denizens have offered their own ideas on how to resolve the issue if you just can't wait for that sweet, sweet Victory Royale.

One user, @NickLaboyTV, has suggested that you can verify Fortnite for a future Norton scan, and wait for the scan to let you access the details from the completed scan. Once that's finished, you can accept everything and exclude the file Norton Antivirus is falsely identifying as a trojan from future scans. This may offer a temporary fix until Epic has resolved the problem.

In the meantime, it looks like the game is just fine on all other platforms, so jump on another and play away! Let us know if you're currently running into this issue and if you've been able to fix it. 

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