Quake Champions patch notes introduce fiery new Death Knight and Redeemer weapon

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire.


The latest update for Quake Champions is kicking it old school, with a familiar face. It's the Death Knight, an old friend we first saw in the original Quake. What's he doing in Quake Champions? Well, he's a Champion, of course, and he's been given a hardcore makeover into a fiery undead knight. He looks like he can straight mess you up, that's for sure.

The Death Knight has 100 HP and 50/100 AP, with an active ability known as Flame Strike. It's capable of summoning three fireballs that shoot out directly from his sword, then engulf enemies in flames. His Flaming Gauntlet can also set enemies on fire, because it's awesome. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Death Knight is resistant to both fire and lava as well, because why wouldn't he be?

The Quake Champions bots are back too, after a brief period where they had been removed from the game entirely. They've been touched up to perform in a much better capacity after being taken offline for getting stuck and having some pretty frustrating programming issues. Their accuracy has been reduced, and they're all back in custom games for you to play about with.

Additionally, there's plenty of new tweaks and changes floating around with this update that players will lap up. If you want to full list of patch notes and alterations this time around, you can check out the post itself, courtesy of the official Quake Champions website. What do you think? is this flaming skeleton metal enough for you? He looks pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. 

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