Spider-Man PS4 Exclusive Interview: Game director Ryan Smith talks playable M.J., Sinister Six

There's a lot fans will be able to discover in the new PlayStation 4 exclusive.


Spider-Man's PlayStation 4 debut is going to be a thrilling journey for Marvel fans, and we can't wait to get our hands on it. Shacknews had a chat with Insomniac's Ryan Smith, game director, about some of the story elements and other exciting aspects of the title we can expect to see.

First, why the setting the team went with? "It gave us an opportunity to tell a unique Peter Parker story," said Smith. It certainly does open up some interesting doors surrounding Parker and his experiences, that's for sure.

But what about why the Sinister Six was chosen the way they were? "All of them have a different challenge, so there's something we could work with there. We've introduced Mr. Negative, so he's someone we could work with as well."

We can't forget the fact that M.J. is available to play as well. "M.J. is an investigative reporter. You play as M.J. multiple times, and see you a nice evolution with her in the game."

Want to hear more juicy details about the game? Check out the full interview above! Also, make sure you don't forget to check out the Shacknews and Gamerhub.tv YouTube channels for more awesome videos and additional Spider-Man goodness.

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