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Spider-Man PS4 Exclusive Interview: Insomniac's Ryan Smith discusses Sunset Overdrive's contribution

The team had something to go on when putting Spider-Man together.


Echoes of 2014's Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive can be felt within Marvel's Spider-Man, the PlayStation 4 Spidey adventure coming later this year.

Shacknews spoke with Spider-Man director Ryan Smith at Insomniac Games to chat about some of the development processes that went toward bringing the upcoming heroic adventure to life.

"I almost couldn't believe it," said Smith. "What a great opportunity to bring Spider-Man to the PlayStation 4."

The game was in development for several years, and it shows – you can see a lot of care has been put into every move that Spidey makes. As it turns out, much of it was taken from the framework of Sunset Overdrive.

"Sunset Overdrive taught us so much about traversing an open world and city with responsive mechanics and different ways that the player would think about it," Smith explained. "This game is bigger than Sunset Overdrive and has a different feel and pacing to it."

How did the team work to put it all together, though, and make some semblance of a real-life city?

"First, we looked at the overall layout of the city. We have both real landmarks and Marvel landmarks in the game. We wanted to make sure they were in the right relative position," Smith lined out during our chat. It's all in the interview above, so make sure you check it out for more on the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, coming September 7.

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