Exclusive Interview: Mega Man Fully Charged Brings Classic Hero To New Audiences

Man of Action Entertainment has graduated from The Avengers to the Blue Bomber.


Mega Man has been around for over 30 years but continues to remain relevant and popular. There are new entries in the franchise and collections like the Mega Man X Legacy collections for the Nintendo Switch keep the older games alive, as well. The Blue Bomber has had a few animated adaptations as well and a new one, Mega Man Fully Charged by Man of Action Entertainment, is bringing the legendary character toa new audience.

One of the coolest aspects of Mega Man Fully Charged animated series is the blend of the new animation with 16 and 8-bit sequences. They pay homage to the old games and add a unique style to the show. Capcom asked Man of Action Entertainment for a fresh take on the character and they've switched up well-known characters in inventive ways. You can find out exactly how in the exclusive SDCC 2018 interview below. 

Mega Man Fully Charged debuts August 5, 2018, on Cartoon Network and will continue to air on Sunday mornings. It will be getting video-on-demand treatments and appear on other platforms.

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