McFarlane Toys Announces Colorful New Line of Fortnite Action Figures

Set up your own Fortnite adventures with this set of figures. 


Can’t get enough Fortnite? Now you can bring the game out of the digital world and into the real one! Joining the ranks of Funko’s upcoming figure line is a new series of Fortnite action figures from McFarlane Toys. A new partnership with Epic Games will bring several new 7-inch action figures to fruition from the popular battle royale game. Might want to go ahead and clear off your shelf now to make some room for what you’re inevitably going to buy.

Yes, the new line will include Cuddle Team Leader, apparently, that pink bear abomination that you're so used to seeing splashed all over Fortnite's promotional art. But it looks like that's all we really know about so far. Todd McFarlane, CEO of McFarlane Toys, thanks Fortnite's "hundreds of character options" for the "blueprint for making any successful toy and action figure line," and we can believe it. There are so many skins it'll make your head spin, and plenty of ways to customize your own character.

"The developer's art team at Epic Games wants to bring that same attitude into the creation of their toys, and everyone here at McFarlane Toys will be doing all we can to bring Fortnite fans the very best products," said McFarlane. Unfortunately, all we know about right now is the company's impending delivery of "cool toys," according to the official press release. But we'd love to see some more reveals coming in the near future. People have money to burn, and they need to know what to burn it on first, after all.

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