Spectra7 DreamWeVR Embedded Signal Processors Now Support VirtualLink VR Standard

The company’s line of VR-ready embedded cable processors will make setting up and using VR easier than ever.


Cable solutions specialists Spectra7 have been providing advancements in embedded cable processors for a long time now. Their products help remove clutter by placing signal processors inside the cables used for data or video transfer. This week, the company announced that their DreamWeVR product line now fully supports the new VirtualLink standard. Cables loaded with DreamWeVR tech will offer VR users the best experience with the least clutter.

VirtualLink is a new open standard for data connections that is backed by a consortium of the biggest players in technology and VR. VirtualLink is backed by Microsoft, Valve, NVIDIA, AMD, and Oculus. The standard brings the video signal, the data signal, and more into a single USB Type-C connector. This solution will remove the need for the octopian mess of cables that are currently required by the current generation of VR headsets.

Advancements in cable bandwidth and size reduction will help grow VR in popularity until fully wireless solutions reach critical mass. Based on a retailer leak over the weekend, the upcoming wireless solution will be very expensive for early adopters.

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