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NHL 2019: World of CHEL Create A Player Overview Video

Get a sneak peek and NHL 19’s character customization suite in this exclusive video.


For the newest version of EA’s long-running hockey franchise, the focus has been put on the World of CHEL, a new environment that hosts various gameplay modes and features. Upon booting up NHL 19, player will be tasked with creating a new avatar for use in the World of CHEL. The creation suite allows for players to build their ultimate hockey avatar, including a wide array of jackets, hoodies, parkas, knits, and more. Character classes, traits, and specialties help players mold their cyber skater to match unique playstyles. Check out the exclusive video of the World of CHEL character customization suite in action below.

Last week at an EA Sports press event, we got a chance to sit down with NHL 19 Creative Director William Ho and talk about all the new additions to this year’s game. If you want to get a hands-on look at the game for yourself, both the Xbox One and PS4 digital storefront are offering access to the NHL 19 Open Beta that runs through August 2. The full game will be available on September 14. For more information on the newest game releases, check in with our guide to all the new games coming through the end of 2018.

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