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Zapdos Raid Boss Moves, Counters, and Shiny Zapdos - Pokemon Go

Learn more about Zapdos Raid Boss battles in Pokemon Go, including the creature's various moves, effective counters, and the possibility of earning a Shiny Zapdos.


As many mobile users are aware, one of the biggest draws to Pokemon Go is the game's social nature, which encourages players to get together with their friends to trade creatures or pool their resources in order to take down massive raid bosses. Developer Niantic is always working on something new to include in the game, and one of the latest additions is the inclusion of Zapdos among other raid battle bosses. Taking down the legendary lightning-type creature won't be easy, but players who can pull together to defeat the beast can look forward to some fresh rewards, including the chance to take home a Shiny Zapdos all their own.

Zapdos Raid Boss Moves and Counters

Being a lightning-type Pokemon, players encountering Zapdos in Pokemon Go raid battles can expect to get hit by moves like Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thundershock, and Zap Cannon. As for counters, the best creatures to choose would be those that are strong against lightning — rock type creatures, essentially, with Tyranitar and Golem being pretty safe bets. Moves like Stone Edge, Rock Throw, and Rock Blast should be enough to put the maximum hurt on Zapdos without too much fuss. High-power legendary creatures like Mewtwo are also good for tacking on damage, as would any strong ice-type creatures, as Zapdos is also weak to ice attacks.

As with other raid bosses and battles in Pokemon Go, patience is going to be key. Zapdos raid bosses will have a lot of CP, and it's going to take time to whittle all of that away. This is especially true for players aiming to earn a Shiny Zapdos, as there's only a small chance that players taking down a Zapdos will earn a shiny variant of the Pokemon. As such, actually getting a Shiny Zapdos could mean completing a dozen or more standard Zapdos raid battles. Fortunately, each victory will come alongside its usual rewards like Golden Razz Berries, Technical Machines, or Rare Candy.

There's always something new happening in Pokemon Go, and players who want to stay on top of the latest details regarding Niantic's breakout AR-based sensation would do well to keep their browsers tuned to Shacknews' Pokemon Go home page.

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