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All Status Effects and Buffs - Octopath Traveler

Learn about each of the different status effects and buffs in Octopath Traveler, including their effects and in-game icons.


As is the old-school JRPG tradition, the battle system in Octopath Traveler includes a number of powerful buffs and debilitating status effects that can either bolster or drastically hinder the party's overall efficacy in combat. Mastering the battle system in Octopath Traveler involves understanding each of these status effects and buffs, including what effect they'll have on heroes as well as the different icons that represent each status effect. Keep reading to learn about all the different buffs and status effects in Octopath Traveler.

Status Effects and Buffs in Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler features several different status effects and attribute buffs, all of which are outlined in the table below. For convenience, we've also included images of each buff and status effect's in-game icon so that players can identify which skills and spells are affecting their heroes and foes in battle.

Name: Icon: Effect:
Blindness Accuracy of physical attacks decreased
Confusion Actions decided at random until hit by an attack
Poison Suffer damage after performing an action
Silence Unable to use skills
Sleep Cannot perform any actions until hit by an attack
Terror Unable to boost
Unconsciousness Unable to perform any actions
Increase/decrease to Physical Attack
Increase/decrease to Physical Defense
Increase/decrease to Elemental Attack
Increase/decrease to Elemental Defense
Accuracy Increase/decrease to Accuracy
Critical Increase/decrease to Critical
Evasion Increase/decrease to Evasion
Speed Increase/decrease to Speed
Reflective Veil Reflect one elemental attack
HP Regeneration Regenerates a small amount of HP each turn
Rehabilitate Grants immunity to all status effects
Augmented Elements Increases damage dealt by elemental attacks
Moon's Reflection ? Grants a single ally the ability to counter physical damage one time
BP Boost ? Allow a single ally to gain 2 BP per turn for 2 turns
Divine Aura ? Grants a 25% chance to nullify any incoming damage
Physical Prowess ? Augments Physical Attack and Physical Defense during battle

Players should note that using Boost Points to boost status effect- and buff-inflicting skills and spells will not increase the potency of the status effect or buff; instead, it will simply extend its duration by a number of turns based on the number of Boost Points used. However, this does not apply to status effects or buffs applied from using Bewildering Grace, as boosting that particular skill instead increases the number of times Bewildering Grace is played.

We're still discovering more status effects and buffs in Octopath Traveler, so be sure to keep checking back as new information becomes available.

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